Reflecting anew in November on the great mystery of death

I love the month of November. In polite conversation with family and friends I have been making this pronouncement for years. Most think I am melancholic or depressed to enjoy a month as stark as November. But I love the month of November. I should also say that I live in upstate New York where November brings many... read more

“In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

This month’s great family feast of Thanksgiving in the United States is a wonderful opportunity to recognize God’s abundant blessings and express the gratitude we have stored up over the past year. But as St. Paul says, God desires that our thanksgiving be more than... read more

Sexual violence victims speak out, while church leaders remain quiet.   Jessica Mesman Griffith was sitting outside her high school cafeteria, waiting for a ride home after dance team... read more

Pope Francis establishes a World Day of the Poor

From the moment of the papal election on March 13, 2013, Pope Francis has been at work re-branding and reshaping both the papacy and Catholicism at large. Much of his work has focused on making the church more attuned to Gospel values that are so crucially needed in today’s world. 

Aware of both our personal and... read more

Pray hard, and carry on. In the face of political and cultural winds that often seem to be blowing against them amid the tumult of the Donald Trump presidency, participants in the most recent "... read more

The liturgical readings of November

When I began my doctoral program in Scripture years ago, I asked my advisor, Fr. Frank Cleary, a logical question: “How do I go about this? What do I do first?” Frank simply smiled and said, “Roger, just jump in! Take your courses and read all the scriptural books and articles you can. After a while you will start separating the good stuff... read more

End times. Final judgement. Stay awake, and be ready at all times. The November readings are certainly preparing us for Advent and a new liturgical year.

Yet, as we approach the end of Matthew’s Gospel in these final Sundays of the year, we need to remind ourselves of what Matthew wanted his community and us to remember. His community was trying to understand and grow in its sense of... read more