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Patricia Sanchez, longtime scripture editor, passes away 

Patricia Sanchez, longtime scripture editor and contributor to Celebration, passed away on Thursday, February 23, surrounded by her family at the regional health center in Hattiesburg, Miss. 
Pat began contributing Sunday scriptural commentaries to Celebration in 1979, and for nearly four decades was a mainstay of homily support for thousands of preachers. She collaborated with her husband, Rafael, who transcribed her articles and did Spanish translations of monthly Lectionary summaries that also appeared in Celebration.
It is with a profound sense of loss and deep gratitude for her ministry that we share news of her passing with Celebration readers. We ask your prayers for Rafael and the family.  Additional information will be posted as we receive it.  

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Thank you Pat Sánchez!

Since 1979, Patricia Datchuck Sánchez has made Celebration a resource for parish staff by providing bilingual Lectionary commentaries and spiritual reflections. We thank her as she approaches retirement.


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