Mary, the Mother of God, and our own

Remember last August when many of us were outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse? We needed an aid — NASA-approved glasses or a homemade cereal-box pinhole camera — in order to observe this spectacle with care. Our fascination was with the sun.Our goal was standing in the light of the sun and looking upward at its brilliance... read more

I am in a dim hospital room, standing at the foot of the bed, a small video camera gripped in my hands. I am trying to hold the camera steady and silence my sobs while I watch one of the most... read more

CHICAGO — Renowned for its reverence for ancient tradition, the Byzantine Catholic Church is rather unhurried to add new feasts to its liturgical calendar. read more

Catholics do what they do for a reason
In a recent piece in Celebration (“Wary in our Welcome,” September 2017) Brett Hoover notes the influence of Evangelical Christianity on Catholicism, especially in certain parts of the country. This is not surprising in one sense, because America has always been a Christian nation, though decidedly not a Catholic one. For much of our... read more

ROME — Sweden's cardinal has praised Pope Francis' decision to give local bishops' conferences more authority over how the Catholic Church translates its liturgical texts, saying the Vatican... read more

PARIS — It took the French church decades of theological debate, years of waiting and a few days of last-minute controversy to change one phrase in its translation of the classic prayer "Our... read more

In developing a process for theological reflection for my dog-ministry groups based on the Jewish tradition of midrash, I found it challenging to find openings in Scripture where a potential... read more

As we approach the end of the calendar year, we also approach the beginning of a new church year on the First Sunday of Advent. Life seems to always be full of endings and beginnings, the passing of things and new possibilities, closing doors, opening windows.

But the end of December 2017 marks a distinct change for Celebration Publications. We conclude our 46th year of operation as a... read more