Why don’t our national policies create more unease in our churches?

These reflections address, in various ways, this question: Should the Gospel we profess and the liturgy we do raise in us some great unease with the political, economic, military and environmental conditions that are our responsibility as U.S. citizens and residents? If so, how do we grapple with the... read more

This season compels us to be the light of Christ in the world

Celebrating the Epiphany is a wonderful way to start the New Year 2016: a baby shining with divine light bright enough to reach the ends of the Earth. And bright enough that Isaiah could say, as if through a wrinkle in time, “Your light has come!” (Isa 60:1).

Our January scriptures are filled with this light.... read more

All of life is a procession toward God

Twenty-six centuries ago, in a bustling Middle Eastern world of trade, Isaiah saw people coming from all the nearby and the distant places, gathering in peace, gathering with songs: “Raise your eyes and look around. They are all gathering and coming to you. Your daughters and your sons are coming from far away. The abundance of the sea... read more

Our intimate life in the mystery of the triune God is revealed

By Mary Collins

Perhaps you’ve heard and even repeated the self-critical remarks currently circulating within the Catholic church. One observation says: “The church is too focused on the horizontal, the community, and not focused enough on the vertical, on our relationship with God.” A variant says: “... read more

Crossing the threshold of sin into Christ’s light

Looking into the manger or crib of a new born baby is an awesome sight. “How are you?” we ask as we preen and fuss, gently prodding the child for a reaction. It’s the smile that bursts with joy which captivates onlookers mostly. But we do not imagine the deepest truth of all: the baby really doesn’t know how she’s doing or... read more

Mary, the Mother of God, and our own

Remember August when many of us were outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse? We needed an aid — NASA-approved glasses or a homemade cereal-box pinhole camera — in order to observe this spectacle with care. Our fascination was with the sun. Our goal was standing in the light of the sun and looking upward at its brilliance... read more

Renewal begins with asking what kind of a community we hope to be

A friend who pastors a local parish recently sent an email to a group of ministers asking how we connect our members and retain their presence among us. He asked if we made a concerted effort to engage parishioners after sacramental events like baptism, first Communion, confirmation and marriage and also inquired... read more

Ten vital signs of an open and growing church


Protestants and Catholics have at least one thing in common: We both worry about our lost generation. We wonder alike what our large tax-free real estate holdings will mean to those coming after us. Will they want to worship on Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings the way we do? In buildings or online or... read more

Fleeing from Danger, Finding a Home

Tag, you’re it!

When I was growing up in Ohio I played a variety of games with neighborhood kids and cousins. A common one was hide and seek tag. One person was the chaser or “it” and tried to tag someone else. There was a place, usually a tree trunk or a pole called “safe” or “home”. It was a place where you could run... read more

Life reveals in us the impulse and the intuition to welcome God

By Rich Heffern

When I was young, my family lived on Olive Street in Kansas City. Milk was delivered in glass bottles onto the porch. Our mothers bought vegetables from an Italian with a pickup truck who wore a Panama hat and had a moustache.

Summer evenings, all of us kids on the block played outside... read more