Endings and beginnings

As we approach the end of the calendar year, we also approach the beginning of a new church year on the First Sunday of Advent. Life seems to always be full of endings and beginnings, the passing of things and new possibilities, closing doors, opening windows.

But the end of December 2017 marks a distinct change for Celebration Publications. We conclude our 46th year of operation as a part of the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. Poised to begin 2018, we welcome it with some updates to Celebration.

The printed issue, which will be 32 pages, will still be filled to the brim (especially in some newly-designed pages) with Scripture commentaries, Sunday and feast day prayers and planning, as well as writing that benefits you in the community and ministries where you serve. The smaller size will save significantly on postage and printing costs.

We will be offering parts of the subscription on our web site: www.CelebrationPublications.org. On the subscriber page, our readers will find the month’s music selections as well as the Daily Bread reflections.

Much like the preparation that occurs during the Advent season, we encourage you to prepare by reading the accompanying letter in this issue that explains the anticipated changes. In January, we will include an insert with the issue which will outline the process.

As we make this transition, I wish to thank the contributors who have been a part of the Celebration community over the years. They were all instrumental in discussing the possible changes so that we could continue to serve our subscribers and the wider community.

I also would like to especially acknowledge Jim Auer and Dick Folger who have been writing for Celebration in several capacities for more than 15 and 20 years respectively. They will both still write for each Sunday with a slight change in emphasis. I thank them both for their service, words of wisdom, sense of humor and commitment to ministering through the word of God. We have been the better ministers for their contribution.

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