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Welcome to the 47th Year of Celebration Publications! Celebration has a new look to the print and online content. These changes are designed to make your experience of this comprehensive and practical resource more accessible than ever.

To get started:

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Subscribers will find these resources online:

Current issue (PDF)

  • The current print issue in PDF format is available online.
  • The Sunday resources are grouped together and available to print or as Word documents.
  • The Sunday prayers are available for each Sunday, or click the button under the "Sunday Resources" to download all the prayers for the month. 

Daily Bread reflections

You can read the reflections for each weekday, including Saturday. Each reflection has a link to the readings of the day as found on the USCCB website. You can download or print a date range for Daily Bread as a Word document.

For greater ease and convenience, you can sign up to receive an email with a direct link to Daily Bread. While on that webpage, we encourage you to read one of Celebration’s most unique resources: “Pencil Preaching,” a daily reflection written and image drawn by our former editor Pat Marrin.

Sunday music suggestions

This resource is available as an Excel spreadsheet and as a PDF. The music is laid out in alphabetical order and can be cross referenced to specific hymnals as well as the Sunday readings. You can download or print either of these documents. The spreadsheet has links to the music publishers’ web sites and the USCCB readings for the day.

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What you can do at our website (

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  •  Access the archive libraries. There are easy links to the three-year archive library and the Sanchez archive (which is only available to subscribers).
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