Prayers for April 29, 2018


Today’s Gospel challenges the depth of our relationship to Christ, who calls himself the vine and us, the branches. The immediacy of this relationship was palpable among the early Christians. But what is it for us? We’ve been invited into something far deeper and more intimate than our relationship to our own family or someone we love. How comfortable are we with this invitation?

Prayers for April 22, 2018


We may sometimes wonder where we “belong” in a world that seems so wrought by division. In today’s Gospel, Jesus uses the ancient, but still powerful, image of the good shepherd who knows and protects his flock. Easter celebrates that we have been made one people by his death and resurrection. Baptism and Eucharist intensify our place in this body. Nothing could be more unifying than that.

Prayers for April 15, 2018


Celebrating Easter is more than belief; it involves action on our part. If we really believe that Christ is risen and among us, it will be reflected tangibly in how we live. It may be expressed differently in each of us, but it will be evident. Luckily, his final words to us are about repentance and forgiveness, so we don’t need to be perfect. But if we truly believe, those who encounter us will know it.

Prayers for April 1, 2018


We have heard this story so often that it may fail to impress us. Our attention may be more on Easter dinner, dyed eggs and baskets of candy. But how would this day be different if we had just discovered there is more to life than we could possibly have imagined? What difference would this discovery make on Monday morning?

Prayers for April 8, 2018


In the heart of this season of Easter rejoicing, we are reminded that faith is sometimes fragile and circuitous. If we listen carefully, we realize that Scripture relays another truth about people who struggle and need to be convinced. This is a good Sunday for those of us who have ever experienced doubt and who need to hear that God still loves and forgive us. That describes most of us.

Prayers for March 25, 2018


We open this most Holy Week continuing the theme of the cost of faithful obedience and the reality of suffering. It is easy to be enamored with the concept of love, but the truth is that love is costly. Revelation is the story of God’s great love for us. Today, we remember the cost of that love in Jesus’ passion and death, and we ask ourselves where we fit in all of this. The answer is profoundly humbling, no matter who we are.

Prayers for March 18, 2018


As Lent progresses, we come closer to the heart and meaning of the Gospel: that Jesus must suffer and die for new life to happen. There is nothing here about rules, practices, theological formulae or perfection. Jesus embraced what is painful and frightening to achieve life on our behalf. Those of us who call ourselves Christian must be willing to walk the same road.

Prayers for March 11, 2018


This season is given to us for our spiritual growth and ongoing conversion. Today’s readings remind us that God has shown mercy throughout history. An understanding of Israel’s painful exile and God’s ongoing fidelity are important for us and our own review of how God’s mercy has been reflected in our personal lives. Today, we have another chance to make this story our own.

Prayers for March 4, 2018


Jesus was something new to the Jews. From extensive laws guiding all of life, to their temple worship, their profound understanding of God had been established over time. But then Jesus challenged all that they knew. Lent calls us to encounter God in new and deeper ways and to reflect on how we respond to new insights or information that may challenge our comfortable beliefs, understanding or religious practices.

Penitential Act


  • Lord Jesus, you shocked people by cleansing the Temple in Jerusalem: Lord, have mercy.
  • Christ Jesus, you challenged those who did not believe in you: Christ, have mercy.
  • Lord Jesus, you call us now to an ever-deeper encounter with you: Lord, have mercy.

Scripture Readings