Prayers for March 25, 2018


We open this most Holy Week continuing the theme of the cost of faithful obedience and the reality of suffering. It is easy to be enamored with the concept of love, but the truth is that love is costly. Revelation is the story of God’s great love for us. Today, we remember the cost of that love in Jesus’ passion and death, and we ask ourselves where we fit in all of this. The answer is profoundly humbling, no matter who we are.

Prayers for March 18, 2018


As Lent progresses, we come closer to the heart and meaning of the Gospel: that Jesus must suffer and die for new life to happen. There is nothing here about rules, practices, theological formulae or perfection. Jesus embraced what is painful and frightening to achieve life on our behalf. Those of us who call ourselves Christian must be willing to walk the same road.

Prayers for March 11, 2018


This season is given to us for our spiritual growth and ongoing conversion. Today’s readings remind us that God has shown mercy throughout history. An understanding of Israel’s painful exile and God’s ongoing fidelity are important for us and our own review of how God’s mercy has been reflected in our personal lives. Today, we have another chance to make this story our own.

Prayers for March 4, 2018


Jesus was something new to the Jews. From extensive laws guiding all of life, to their temple worship, their profound understanding of God had been established over time. But then Jesus challenged all that they knew. Lent calls us to encounter God in new and deeper ways and to reflect on how we respond to new insights or information that may challenge our comfortable beliefs, understanding or religious practices.

Penitential Act


  • Lord Jesus, you shocked people by cleansing the Temple in Jerusalem: Lord, have mercy.
  • Christ Jesus, you challenged those who did not believe in you: Christ, have mercy.
  • Lord Jesus, you call us now to an ever-deeper encounter with you: Lord, have mercy.

Scripture Readings


Prayers for February 25, 2018


Growing in faith and understanding is a life-long process. It is reflected in each of our personal lives, just as it was reflected within Judaism and Christianity. God’s covenant with Israel was expressed in many dramatic ways to increase their understanding; and the disciples and those who followed them learned slowly who Jesus is. Lent is an opportunity to focus on who Jesus is for each of us.

Prayers for February 18, 2018


Lent is a time to remember that God first reached out to us. This was not a meagre, one-time gesture like those we often make and withdraw, but a profound, lasting and healing covenant. During this season, we reflect on and ask forgiveness for our own alienating, sinful actions. We ponder in deep prayer and silence that God has invested everything, including a beloved Son, into this relationship. 

Prayers for February 14, 2018 - Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, a time set aside to examine our ways, repent our failings and imitate God’s love and mercy. The practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving as well as the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy are encouraged. The season culminates in the Easter liturgies, the Triduum, as the church recalls the paschal mystery. With hope and grace, we welcome this season of repentance and renewal.

Prayers for February 11, 2018


There is often no escape from illness. And, sometimes an illness is considered socially unacceptable and those afflicted cannot escape the injustice and the judgement that can accompany the condition. Today’s readings focus on leprosy, but they could be about any disease or condition that evokes fear, alienation or condemnation. Those who suffer are urged to turn to God for healing. All of us are called to imitate Jesus, who throughout his life, embraced and healed the sick and outcast. It is a hard challenge to ignore and an even harder one for many of us to accept.

Prayers for February 4, 2018


To those who suffer, words (and actions flowing from them) really do matter. In today’s readings, God hears suffering and heals the brokenhearted. That is what Jesus was about in his ministry. That is what the disciples and all his followers have always been about. That is what we, too, are called to be doing. Hearing, preaching and living the Gospel are ultimately about life, love and healing. There are as many ways to do this as there are committed Christians.