1 Pt 5:1-4; Ps 23; Mt 16:13-19

Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle

Tend to the flock in your midst.
Christ chose Peter to feed his flock, naming him to sit in his place as a servant-authority and a visible foundation of the unity of the whole church. The feast of the chair of Peter commemorates its occupant through acknowledging not only papal authority but also the vital mission entrusted to Peter to provide spiritual guidance to the faithful. This celebration of the papacy's authority, therefore, is not about pomp. As the servus servorum Dei — the servant of the servants of God—the pope is called to humble leadership, not superiority. At the 2013 Chrism Mass, Pope Francis called on the world's priests to “be shepherds with the smell of sheep.” Like Jesus, they're to mingle with the lowly, offering the healing power of grace to the marginalized.
Obedient Savior, give me the modesty to follow your example of servant leadership.