2 Sm 12:1-7a, 10-17; Ps 51; Mk 4:35-41

"Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?"
In times of war, famine or disaster, we say that God surely is absent. How else can such horror and ugliness go unchecked? We assume God has abandoned us. When the disciples cry out to awaken Jesus, they reveal this mindset. All they see is immediate danger. The Lord has left them to fend for themselves. When we’re powerless we cannot comprehend a God, whose love cannot be separated from us. We drown in doubt. When we question the Lord’s commitment to us, we're not even crying out to a sleeping Jesus; rather, we’re lashing out at what we imagine is an empty stern. There's no question about the Lord’s commitment to us. Our great peril lies in our inability to recognize that we're the ones who've abandoned ship.
Steadfast Savior, strengthen my faith so that I may reach for you in times of trouble.