Acts 22:3-16; Ps 117; Mk 16:15-18

Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, apostle 

Now, why delay?
Even when we know what’s in our best interest, procrastination, uncertainty or laziness can keep us from doing what’s truly good and right. It’s pretty easy to sit back and do nothing, but our baptism calls us to take action. Jesus asks us to embrace him and his forgiveness for our own benefit. Our disinterest or seeming lack of urgency delays our inviting the glory of God to be at work within us. With that said, our acceptance of the expectations that come with being Christ’s followers cannot be taken lightly. Baptism for the apostles was not just a ceremony. It demanded extraordinary prayer and preparation. They had to fully commit, and maybe that's the real question at hand. Do we tarry because we're unwilling to truly change?
Persistent Savior, gently push me to call on you when I resist your loving gifts of holiness and mercy.