"The Kingdom of God is at hand" (Marr 10:7).

The story of Joseph in Egypt is told with such skill and drama, it is not suprising to see some of its themes reappearing in the story of Jesus. Joseph, a beloved son, is betrayed by his jealous brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt. He later appears to show mercy to these same brothers in a time of famine.  Jesus, also the beloved Son, is betrayed, denied and abandoned to his death by his disciples, but becomes their savior and the bread of life . 

The scriptural message unfolds in layers, each successive story adding depth. Jesus is our hidden brother, who sees past our failures and welcomes us to the feast of life. Jesus is the lamb sacrificed in our exodus from sin and death. Jesus is the new Moses, leading us through the desert passage. He is the manna from heaven, feeding us in the wilderness. water from the rock, quenching our thirst on the journey.

 The good news encompasses our stories, giving them meaning and direction.  Add your name to the lst of apostles Jesus calls in today's gospel. He wants each of us to be in his company, to witness to his mercy and imitate his example. Is there any other life? Be part of the story.