Perfect Joy

"You are the salt of the earth" (Matt 13:5).

Salt and light are so basic that we hardly notice them. We take them for granted as they enable us to live and work, or bring savor and quality to life in so pervasive a way.  We remember the content of a conversation or activity, but do not notice how its tone and energy was seasoned with humor and affection. Our relationships are brightened by love or filled with shadows created by doubt or suspicion.

Why is one encounter uplifting and another a burden? Some people set us at ease or invite us to share by their careful and sincere listening.  Another person, without even knowing it, will fill th room with their moodiness or shut down the conversation with their superior air.

Jesus sent his disciples to proclaim God's freedom not just with words but by their manner and bearing. People would know they had encountered good news and received the blessing of peace.  Today's Word invites us to ask if we bring light and salt to those around us.  It is a simple lesson with large implications.