Prayers for December 24, 2017

Prayers - December 24, 2017 – 4th Sunday of Advent


This last week of Advcnt is brief, but the message is profound. The fulfillment of God’s promises is about to happen! This single day places us in a long line of yearning people. Christmas is upon us, yet the task of endless anticipation is a sacred reality we need to embrace. Just as with those who are inches away from relief, rescue or reversal of any kind, still hang on. All of life is like this.

Penitential Act

  • Lord Jesus, you were promised to Mary by the angel Gabriel: Lord, have mercy.
  • Christ Jesus, you entered this world as a surprise: Christ, have mercy.
  • Lord Jesus, you come to us who are yearning for your presence: Lord, have mercy.

Scripture Readings

  • 2 Sm 7:15, 8b-12, 14a, 16 Promise of an heir from the house of David
  • Ps 89 For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord
  • Rom 16:25-27 Everyone is offered salvation through Christ
  • Lk 1:26-38 The angel Gabriel announces the prophecy’s fulfillment

Prayer of the Faithful

Presider We pray now as members of the human race always waiting for good news.

Minister For all believers who continue to wait and hope for the final fulfillment of God’s promises … in hope and anticipation, we pray

  • For all the world’s suffering people who have given up waiting for peace and justice … in hope and anticipation, we pray
  • For those who believe they are too insignificant or unworthy for good news to transform their lives … in hope and anticipation, we pray
  • For those who are too busy, too chaotic, too troubled to look for God’s presence in and around them … in hope and anticipation, we pray
  • For those still hurrying to prepare for this holiday season … in hope and anticipation, we pray
  • For those in this community whose personal lives make it difficult to be prepared for the celebration of Christmas and Christ’s coming among us … in hope and anticipation, we pray

Presider God of promise, today, as with every day, we are on the cusp of fulfillment. It is hard to contain our anticipation, and yet we wait. We long for your ongoing word to sustain us in this in-between time. Keep us expectant, so that, like Mary, we may receive Jesus with open hearts. We ask this in his name, Amen.