Total Commitment

"Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will lose it" (Matt 10:38).

Discipleship is about a relationship with the Risen Christ that is total. By baptism we enter an intimate union with him that encompasses our entire lives, entering our human experience in all its aspects. Our joys and sufferings help us grow to maturity, but grace takes these moments and prepares us to transcend this life as we are bridged in Christ to our divine identity as children of God. 

Jesus made clear to his disciples that their new identity was deeper and more significant than even their blood ties to family or loyalty to tribe and culture. Once united with Christ, we are where he is, doing what he is doing, guided by his mind and Spirit. This is evident in his promise that anyone who receives us will be receiving him. Even a cup of water given to one of his disciples will be regarded as an act of kindness to him

Matthew will extend this identity in a special way to the poor. Whoever gives them food or drink, clothing or comfort will be caring for the risen Christ. HIs mission moves through the disciples into everyone they serve. The unity of Christ with the members of his body in the world is a sign of the ongoing extension of the transforming power og God's grace reclaiming the world.  No small act will be forgotten. 

The challenge of faith is to keep a lively sense of this mysterious and not always evident activity of Christ in our everyday lives. We may feel ordinary and small, but God's redemptive work never ceases where it finds a believer. The life we lose in the service of Christ is the life we will find in him for all eternity.