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Today's Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Fri. Aug 28, 2015 : 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8; Matthew 25:1-13

We earnestly ask and exhort you ... that ... you should conduct yourself to please God. When supervising a schoolyard, you sometimes need to redirect students away from behaviors that have the potential to become too aggressive or harmful. I have often received the response, “But I’m not hurting anyone!” Sometimes I think our world responds to social morality in a similar way. As followers of Christ, however, we are called to go beyond the attitude of “it’s not hurting anyone” to an attitude that consciously and deliberately promotes the dignity and wellbeing of others. It’s an attitude that requires God’s grace and courage. Strengthen our faith and will, O Lord, so that we may go beyond the bare minimum and share your love abundantly.