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Today's Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Fri. Aug 1, 2014 : Jeremiah 26:1-9; Matthew 13:54-58

Jesus came to his native place and taught the people in their synagogue. Jesus has been preaching and teaching for a while. He has healed a variety of people, stilled a storm and called the disciples. It is probably safe to assume that at least a few people in Nazareth have heard about him. Word of his healing miracles and parables has surely made it back to his neighbors and kinfolk. You’d think the people would be proud and happy to see him — “Local boy, now a preacher, returns!” Of course, it didn’t quite happen that way. The people of Nazareth chose not to listen to the prophet in their midst. We have the same choice: whether or not to listen to Jesus and to the many prophets speaking today. Gracious God, open our hearts and minds to your voice.