Daily Bread for Tomorrow

Daily Bread

Mon. May 29, 2017

Acts 19:1-8; Jn 16:19-33

Take courage, I have conquered the world. We adopted three boys from Guatemala, two as infants, and the third when he was already 10 years old. Weary of bureaucracy, we delayed his immigration hearing until he was 14 and could speak for himself. He was asked a series of routine questions, including, “Will you bear arms on behalf of the United States if required by law?” My son looked troubled and whispered, “What if the United States went to war with Guatemala?” The interviewer gently told him he could perform noncombatant service. On this Memorial Day as the United States remembers those who have fallen in battle, I wonder if we will ever remember that we are all connected? Or, that Jesus has conquered the world and we don’t have to? For those who have died in war and all those in harm’s way.