Daily Bread for Tomorrow

Daily Bread

Wed. Mar 29, 2017

Is 49:8-15; Jn 5:17-30

I say to you, the Son cannot do anything on his own, but only what he sees the Father doing. To be perfectly clear, Jesus can do whatever he wants; what he wants is to do the Father’s will. Obedient and dependent, he knows the Father’s desires and acts accordingly. He doesn’t shift responsibility when the Pharisees question his actions. Instead, he exalts the Father as the source of his power. Jesus claims his role as the Son of God, despite the backlash, and acknowledges his authority and divine mission. It’s a risky move; he cannot turn back. It’s the Pharisees’ turn to be courageous, but rather than accepting the Messiah, they charge him with blasphemy. Help me, Lord, boldly profess your power and glory no matter the consequences.