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Each month Celebration provides solid worship preparation materials. We have gathered content from past issues and made it freely available on this page.

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Aging and the Paschal Mystery
By Edward Hays

Jesus and the Prodigal Son: The parable that reveals God’s radical mercy
By Brian J. Pierce

Catholic Worker: A model for the church whose time has come
By Pat Marrin

Oscar Romero, Saint for Our Times
By Pat Marrin

The Blessed Virgin Mary - Vatican II asked: Is she truly our sister?
By Biagio Mazza

Communion of Saints: Our beloved dead are with us now
By Peg Ekerdt

What Happens Next? The aged are on the threshold of new life
By Melissa Musick Nussbaum

No More Time: God lets us write the end of our own story
By Erin Ryan

The Hidden Face: Thérèse of Lisieux
By Pat Marrin

Finding God in All Things: Jesus’ parables teach us how to see life’s hidden treasures
By Pat Marrin

Parish Life
Revitalizing Synodality
By Biagio Mazza

Finding Mercy at the Table
By Paul Philibert, OP

Blessings Enough to Go Around: Ministry holds both ordinary and extraordinary moments of grace
By Fr. Mike Barrett

The challenge of divorce and remarriage needs a wise, pastoral church
By Peg Ekerdt

Effective Sunday bulletins are a key to parish growth
By Jacalyn Kolk

Communal Anointing: Celebrating the sacrament of the anointing of the sick at Eucharist
By Fr. Mike Barrett

Celebration Initiation: It Takes Time
By Joseph Scardella

Praying for the Sick: Harnessing the real power of prayer
By Carol Luebering

Liturgical Year
Entering the Drama, Engaging the Reality
By Erin Ryan

How We Remember: A reflection on the “The Dying Gaul” on the Feast of St. Benedict
By Erin Ryan

It's Saint Boniface Day!
By Melissa Musick Nussbaum

Say Goodbye to Alleluia: We celebrate life to get ready for eternity
By Melissa Musick Nussbaum

Blessed palms to Lenten ashes, here is a chance for catechesis
By David Philippart

A Lenten Leap of Imagination: This season celebrates the divine compassion
By Carol Luebering

Remembering heaven: Advent calls us to be still and rest
By Barbara O'Neill

Celebrating Pentecost: Wind and Fire
By Patricia Datchuk Sanchez

The Living and Dead
By Pat Marrin

Staff Development
Recharge this summer: Parish ministry can be overwhelming
By Peg Ekerdt

Preaching Resources
All About Mercy: The major doctrinal feasts this month all reveal God’s mercy
By Roger Vermalen Karban

Google It! Preaching in the 21st century
By Fr. Mike Barrett

Reflections for the Baptism of the Lord (Cycle C)
By Patricia Datchuck Sánchez

It’s a New World: Immigration transforms the aisles of a Texas supermarket
By Melissa Musick Nussbaum

Latina Magnificat - Our Lady of Guadalupe and the call to justice
By Jeanette Rodriguez

Romero As Preacher
By Brian J. Pierce, O.P.

A Theology of Migration
By Daniel G. Groody

Globalization and the Church
By James Empereur, SJ

Not So Freely Chosen
By Carol Luebering