¡Amén! ¡Aleluya! | Editor's Corner May 2017

¡Amén! ¡Aleluya! I have always liked how the Spanish language uses punctuation marks. You know right from the beginning what it is: ¡Amen! ¡Alleluia!

Sometimes a publication issue just seems to come together. It is as if the writers have all been inspired by the same ideas or themes as they pondered to bring words to the pages. And, if we believe that kind of inspiration is possible, then we can imagine that the unruly and wild Spirit of God can, in fact, show up when least expected and maybe even when not exactly wanted.

Is it not the Spirit that showed up when the disciples gathered in the upper room afraid and anxious about what had just happened to Jesus? Was it not the Spirit that showed up and inspired the early church communities to share what they had in common and distribute all they had to any in need? I can well attest that the Spirit showed up in this issue of Celebration.

Brett Hoover in the feature says, “In the Bible, the Spirit’s work has a wild, unrelenting and unpredictable character to it.”

Pat Sanchez writes: “We are given the Holy Spirit and as leaders and servants in the church, we are to call upon this ever-present resource to guide and inspire our every thought, word and deed. Only then can our service be authentic.”

Gabe Huck entitled his column: “Come Holy Spirit, Sigh and Roar!” Donna Schaper writes about hedgerows — the untamed, beautifully wild places with intermingling borders where the energetic Spirit of God’s creation flourishes.

Peg Ekerdt provides as example of how the Spirit of God shows up in the parish community when members gather to pray, discern and allow themselves to become instruments of God’s will.

Mike McMahon invites all members of a praising assembly to not only open our ears and mouths but also our minds and hearts to the power of the Spirit.

Yes, the Spirit does show up, coming to inspire, prod, lead and roar if needed. ¿Can I hear an Amen?

¡Amen! ¡Alleluia! ¡Alleluia!