Going Forward

I received a letter from a subscriber asking about the loss of the “holy holes.” I have to admit it made me chuckle, and I appreciated the attempt at humor. Sometimes editorial or management decisions are not easy including the one about three-hole punching the monthly issue of Celebration. Deciding on cost-saving-measures can be difficult especially when you are trying not to be disruptive. I also have to admit that when I have to punch my own copies for my binder I know the bother of an extra step!

With this issue long-time columnist Peg Ekerdt offers her final column; she is retiring from writing monthly for this publication. Her gift for capturing the spirit of a parish community as well as the stories behind people of faith was truly a gift to Celebration readers for many years. I have had many people, including a few editors, say that her column could move them to tears — an ultimate compliment. We express our gratitude to her for sharing her wisdom and rich stories of parish ministry.

Thanks for your survey responses. We are grateful to the many people who responded so quickly to our survey about the resources you most use in Celebration. It is very helpful feedback in our planning. And, it’s never too late to express your thoughts. Call me on my direct line: 816-968-2247. Or, send an email: dsimeone@ncronline.org.

Now we ask for your help. Changes are coming to Celebration in 2018. We plan to share that information with you over the next months, but we need to link an email to each subscription. To add or update an email on file for your subscription, please call our customer service department 800-333- 7373 or send an email to support@ CelebrationPublications.org. Every month we send an email notification that the monthly issue is posted on our web site. All print subscribers can access issues before receiving mailed copies. We also post accessible copies of materials on the subscriber page for your use.