Struggling with the Gospel

My predecessor Pat Marrin told me retirement looked good to him because as Celebration editor he never knew what season he was living in. After a year of editing, I fully understand that now. 

As I write this column, we are undergoing extreme mid-summer heat in Kansas City while we edit and experience the imagery of the fall Sunday readings along with hints of the approaching winter.

In this issue, our authors encourage us to struggle with the Gospel message and to risk changing our perspective on life for the sake of deeper conversion.
Mary McGlone offers us this advice: “If one of Jesus’ parables does not call us to conversion, we haven’t yet understood it. Jesus used parables to shock people into conversion. They aren’t puzzles to be understood but calls to action crafted to make us uncomfortable enough to change our ways.”

Roger Karban suggests: “It’s up to us to carry on God’s work, to produce and achieve life, no matter in what situation we find ourselves. Those who refuse to take the first step in that process by surfacing God effectively working in their personal life situation can expect ‘others’ to step in and carry out that mission, with God’s blessing. By hook or by crook, life will eventually conquer death.”

Mary Kay Whitacre explores the themes of October’s psalms and indicates these choices: “We can live in the hope of God’s healing forgiveness or harbor grudges and resentment. We can be embraced by God’s love, or build protective walls. We can confidently walk with God through life’s storms, or we can retreat into bitterness and anxiety. ... We can be empowered by God’s strength to care for each other, or face the loneliness of self-reliance.”
So, what do we do? We choose.

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